This is an unusual opportunity to own a Porsche factory built racer, with a terrific professional race resume in Europe, and a coddled cost-no-object retirement here in the US.  For Sale on BaT   


Background, 993 SuperCup Program:

Following up on the spectacular success of the inaugeral 964 Cup Car series, Porsche pulled out all the stops in creating what would be the last and ultimate air-cooled Porsche race car.   Porsche’s 993 was already a best-of-both worlds combination of old-school 911 body shell with the contemporary multi link suspension that continues to the present day.   Porsche ravaged the parts bin for every possible go-fast enhancement, and deleted everything that didn’t contribute to success on the track.

Factory Preparation:

  • Center Lock Wheels
  • Speedline 3-piece magnesium center wheels
  • 4-channel ABS brakes (Master cylinder replaced ~10 hours ago, reportedly the last available in the world...)
  • Air jacks, factory
  • 3.6 NA engine punched out to 3.8L (many other changes, see below)
  • Racing-ratio six speed
  • Massive calipers and rotors
  • Factory roll cage by Matter 
  • Recaro Porsche Crest seat
  • full interior delete
  • sunroof delete
  • Power steering delete
  • Radio delete
  • AC and heater delete
  • Thinner window glass
  • Aluminum hood
  • Adjustable rear wing
  • Bumper internals delete
  • Bilstein Shock/spring/suspension adjustable and tuned
  • RSR front air bumper/splitter
  • RSR rear wing, adjustable
  • RSR rear bumper 
  • Hood pins for aluminum hood
  • Manual crank windows
  • Door pulls replaced with nylon straps
  • And hundreds of small tuning details designed for rugged reliability and maximum power to weight ratio. 

Added by Hack Racing during GTP Racing period:

  • 80L enduro Fuel tank
  • Hood modification for re-fueling 

For contemporary racing tech:

  • Fire System, new 2017
  • Fresh Belts, 2018
  • Motorola in-car radio 
  • Diamond plate aluminum floor plate
  • Adjustable, broad Throttle pedal
  • Updated (legal) Stainless header, Peter Dawe design (he is the best in the world at these)
  • Two sets of two-piece contemporary Racing wheels 

The 993 Cup car was based on the Carrera RS, first introduced in 1994 and in 1995.   227 “street-legal” versions were produced as homologation specials. For the competition version, anything that wasn’t required for competition was removed. Electric windows, electric mirrors, central locking, headlight washers, stereo & speakers, AC were all removed in name of saving weight. Where stock items had to remain, they were replaced with racing substitutes, eg aluminium front luggage compartment and thinner window glass.  Just 69 Carrera Cup cars were produced by Porsche Motorsport between 1996 and 97. (some sources disagree)

The result was a car that only weighed 1,100kg’s and with 315bhp available thanks to the stunning 3.8 litre engine, was able to achieve 170 mph with the correct gearing. 3.8 litre Variocam engine version was designated Typ M64/70 and featured a number of interesting differences from the 993 RS.

Displacement was unchanged 3746cc but there was new twin spark ignition, a hike in compression ratio (from 11.3 to 11.5:1) and Bosch Motronic M2.10 multi-point engine management. There was a reinforced Typ G50/30 six-speed gearbox linked to a competition clutch, a straight-through racing exhaust and two-stage resonance air takes. Boasting 320bhp at 6200rpm and weighing in 270kg lighter than the stock Carrera coupe, this was enough for 172 flat out and 0-60 in just 4.8 seconds.

Porsche's Cup series was a great success, with fully subscribed privateer fields, major international sponsors, and guest drivers like Ralf Schumacher, Norbeto Fontana, Bernard Simmenauer, Jacques Laffite, Stefan Johansen, Ralf Waldmann, Harald Grohs, Kevin Schwantz, Ralf Kelleners, Jurgen von Gartzen, Jack Leconte, Patrick Huisman, Paul Belmondo, Patrick Simon, and Emmanuel Collard. 

The 993 cup car, in my view, represents the pinnacle of Porsche's aircooled production chassis race car development.  It was the fastest aircooled 911 ever, the most powerful, and the most highly developed technologically.  Porsche essentially conceded that the aircooled concept had reached its ultimate expression, when the era of the liquid cooled boxer began with the 996.  Enthusiasts have often lavished an extraordinary level of development on this chassis, eg this example of a full RSR buildout of chassis #8084, the car built just prior to this one. 

I'm not sure how/exactly when #8085 came to the US but it was probably 2006.  I bought it from a PCA racer (name upon request)  in 2010.  Since then it has had 30 hours of track and racing.  Noted Porsche Racecar builder Peter Dawe did the trans and engine rebuild in 2012 and it's had literally 10 hours of track time since then. 
Cosmetic restoration was completed in 2018, by 47 Motorsports.  It was a full glass out, bare tub rehab, with all new graphics done in the Hack Motorsports Livery (the last pro racing livery it used)
Interior was returned to original, still has original Porsche racing seat, gauges, door panels etc.  
Modifications since cup car days include an 80 liter enduro fuel tank and dump tank fill valve through the hood.  
I have ten spare supercup wheels which I've never used, and are still painted the Beru Supercup blue color.  

While the car has been restored to a condition appropriate for static display in a collection, it is fully race worthy and would pass tech inspection for PCA or Vintage classes.  The belts are fresh, the fire system is new, in-car radio is installed and functional.  New plexi windscreen, kill switches, racing battery all recent.  Drivetrain, brakes, suspension are all race ready; just add fresh tires and go.  In addition to the ten period correct Speedline wheels, it has two sets of racing Forgelines.  It's ready to go to battle in competition, tomorrow. 

Despite having >64,000 KM on the odometer reading, all on the racetrack of course, it appears the car never had any kind of major hit.  It still has for example the original aluminum hood, usually the first casualty in a hit, and irreplaceable at this point.  When 47 Motorsports stripped it for paint, they found only minor body work underneath, interestingly some of it done with lead! 

Full WagonPass (original), PCA logbooks.  All receipts, dyno results etc available for inspection.  Climate controlled storeage at NJ Motorsports Park where it is available for detailed inspection and test drive in final phases of purchase due diligence.

HIstory of Car, as reconstructed from logbooks 

1995 13 races Beru Supercup Team, drivers Fritz Kattoll,  Danny Pfeil
1996 6 Races, Beru, Supercup, Driver Norbert Krull
1997 3 Races, GP, presume Supercup, driver unknown 
1998 14 Races, Now GTP, Drivers Rutenbech, Fuchs, Chizanowski
1999 8 Races, GTP,  R. Hach. Driver 
2000 9 Races, GTP, Drivers, Hermann/Sassenrath, Dornier, Kuypes, Preuss.
2001 11 Races, GTP, Driver Thomas Fritsch
2002 9 Races, GTP, Driver Thomas Fritsch
2003 10 Races, GTP, Driver Thomas Fritsch
2004 1 Race, GTP Driver Thomas Fritsch
2005-Present: PCA Club Racing, Drivers Unknown, Keith Komar, Forrest Hull, & Myself.